Enjoy Buffet Style Breakfast and Dinner

In the morning, coffee and hot chocolate are served along with fresh local fruit and a varied lineup of breakfast foods that rotate daily and include pancakes, eggs, sausage, oatmeal, french toast, german pancakes, omelet, and monkey bread.  Every night enjoy a varied line-up of traditional and non-traditional family style dishes served buffet style.  Dinner always features a soup appetizer followed by the main entree, one or more side dishes or salad, as well as desert.  We do cater to vegans, vegetarians, and others with special dietary needs, just please let the front desk know upon arrival and they can make the necessary arrangements.

Beach Cruiser Bike Rental and Ride through El Valle

One of the things to do is to get a real taste of the local culture by taking a bike ride down to El Valle beach, a 15-minute bicycle ride from the Tree House.  Along the way, you’ll see many friendly locals and get a real glimpse of life on the island.  The authentic interaction with the locals often ends up being one our guests’ favorite parts of the Tree House experience.  Ever since it was first constructed in 2014, it’s been a primary goal at the Tree House to employ and include the locals as much as possible.  As a result, the Tree House Village has developed and maintained a very positive relationship with the community.  It is a safe and sleepy island town, with smiles all around.

Relax at El Valle Beach

El Valle beach is an undiscovered gem that you’ll pretty much only have to share with the locals and other Tree House guests. It is an incredibly serene place where the long, lonely beach is enclosed in by towering cliffs and mountains extending into the ocean on both sides. Enjoy lunch on the beach at Emma’s restaurant – she will greet you with the warmest smile and feed you the most delicious food. Over the course of your stay, you’ll have multiple opportunities to take in sun, scenery and enjoy the solitude of this truly remarkable place.

Casa Tipica and Free Plantation Tour

Adjacent to where the bikes are, feel free to check out a Casa Tipica local farm, where they give a short presentation of all the different types of plants that grow in El Valle and on their small farm.  As part of the presentation, you will be given samples of foods to eat and coffee to drink.  They will show you how they make coffee and chocolate and at the end of the presentation many of these goods are available for purchase but it is not required.

Rope Swing at Cascada Lulu

Cascada Lulu is a seasonal waterfall that is only a stone’s throw away from the main Eco-lodge and restaurant.  Due to a recent drought, the availability of the waterfall is not always reliable, but any time of year there’s water in the lagoon it’s a great place to swim, cool off and swing on the rope swing.

Learn and Practice Yoga at our Yoga Dome

Take up Yoga in one of the most exotic settings you can imagine.  With free mats you can borrow, the Yoga Dome is the ultimate place to come and practice yoga and, when available, take Yoga lessons from our onsite Yoga instructor!  For both experts and people wanting to try for the first time, there is no better place than here to get started.

Cool Down at the Pool

People are amazed when they find our beautiful pool nestled so deep inside the jungle.  Cool off, let the artificial waterfall pour down on your head, and enjoy the ambiance that is literally all around you – it’s one of the easiest things to do at the resort.

Have a Bonfire and Share Stories

Next to our pool is our fire pit which is available for use upon request.  Anytime during your stay, you’d like us to set it up for you, just let us know and we’ll get the fire going.  It’s a magical place at night where we always like to chill, share stories, and look up at the stars.

Party Games and Activities at Night

As things to do, we’ve got a healthy selection of cards and board games available for use 24/7.  Unlike a typical resort, our guests usually are very social with each other, and the staff is very good at facilitating whatever games and activities people are in the mood for.  Want to play a giant game of charades?  No problem!   We’ll get the pens and paper and get it going.  Want to play uno?  No problem!  Just be careful who you put that draw 4 card on!  Want to learn to dance to Merengue, Bachata, or Salsa?  No problem!  We’d be more than happy to put on the music and show you how.