Our Team: These are the people that make our project great!

Whether it’s a cocktail to wind down after a tiring adventure filled day on one of our phenomenal excursions, a glass of wine to compliment your dinner or an ice cold Presidente to accompany a relaxing day of hammock hangs here in the jungle, Alex is your go to man. Although, he is primarily the bartender here at the Dominican Treehouse Village, he is also able to assist you with any other requests you may have regarding scheduling excursions or taxis.

With only a few ingredients this man can make pure magic. As the chef of the Dominican Treehouse Village, Leo, makes it his mission to provide you with a variety of foods while also immersing you in Dominican culture with authentic dishes. He is always more than happy to accommodate any special dietary needs you may have so that breakfast and dinner are meals you never want to miss.

When you get your cabin assignment Teacher is always on stand by with the one of the biggest, most genuine smiles ready to carry your bags for you. He is essentially a jack-of-all-trades here at the Dominican Treehouse Village, with jobs ranging from doing laundry to building many of the decorations you see around the treehouse.

Although you may not interact with him as much as the other staff members, David has just as much of an impact on your stay as the others. When you see him around the Dominican Treehouse Village you will notice there is rarely ever a time where he’s not hard at work. From painting tables and chairs, keeping the paths clear, landscaping, maintaining the restrooms, we owe a lot to him for attending to the details that are so very important to the overall experience at the village.

Many of your days here at the Dominican Treehouse Village you will find yourself on a bike ride, guided by Bebo, to the beach to get lunch. Even though that is technically his only responsibility, Bebo takes it upon himself to be your adopted little brother during your stay here. Informing you when dinner is ready, clearing your plates, bringing you dessert and encouraging you to play Uno with him after you’ve finished eating.  He is an important part of our team!