Our Story

"Of all of the places I've traveled in life, this place was calling me. This place is something special." -Bart Griffin

About The Owner

Bart Griffin is the founder and creator of the Dominican Treehouse Village. After traveling all over the world, he came up with the concept of the tree house resort to combine all of the enriching benefits that traveling provides - broadening perspectives, discovering new ways of life, trying out new traditions, and celebrating diversity. In his own words, Bart describes what we've created in El Valle as a “spiritual place, built on a little movement of travelers who enjoy mixing conservation, nature, and adventure all together".

"Traveling always had this aura of wonder, which leads you to a feeling of insignificance, which invariably turns into a sense of responsibility for protecting our earth, it's people and animals, and all of the diversity therein." -Bart Griffin

Our Vision

     This vision has led to a transformation in El Valle, with our guests and staff at the heart of it. Before Dominican Treehouse Village, our community had very few options for earning an income and improving the local economy and living standards. This left local farmers with little choice but to over-farm and over-fish, which was not sustainable and very taxing on the local ecosystem.

Our Business

    New businesses and entrepreneurs start up every day, and together with Dominican Tree House Village we work tirelessly towards a sustainable future built on ecotourism.

Our Guest

    Our unique retreat attracts a special kind of traveler, and our guests bring more with them than money. El Valle has benefited immensely from a global infusion of new tastes and cultures, and an eagerness to explore the Dominican way of life has imbued a renewed sense of pride in the shared beauty of the environment here.

We Support The Local Community By:

Plant Over 400 Flowers And Trees Daily

Over 400 flowers & trees are planted each day from our nursery, which counteracts slash-and-burn in the Dominican jungle.

Help Local Housing

We've built, painted or repaired over 60 local houses in need. 

Facilitate AND Organize Charity Programs

We facilitate and organize charity programs, one of our biggest is a non-profit partnership focused on dental care, to provide free services to El Valle locals. We have helped over 1,300 locals!

Improve Infrastructure

We actively improve infrastructure for locals and businesses, building wells and cisterns so locals can set up businesses and offer new experiences, goods, and services to our travelers.

Maintain Roads

We maintain roads, fill holes, and clear brush for the municipality, so they can focus resources elsewhere.

Cosponsor The Local Orphanage

We're a cosponsor of the local orphanage, and travelers may visit as part of the local experience if they wish to give back.

Come See For Yourself!

Come and see what we're up to, indulge in the local sights, smells, and sounds, and be a part of our little movement in the jungle!